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The peer support Clint received prior to having his mangled leg amputated made a significant impact on Clint. In fact, it made such an impact that it altered the course of Clint's life. His passion for life led him to become an actor, athlete, motivational speaker, counselor, and husband, all after loosing his leg below the knee in a fatal car accident.

Certified Amputee Peer Visitor

Nothing gives more hope to a new amputee about life after amputation than a talking with someone who has successfully adapted to the loss of a limb(s). I know this first hand because meeting with a peer amputee prior to having my foot removed allowed me to see that I did not have to be defined by my amputation. It helped me realize that my quality of life would not suffer. By making some simple adaptations, I could do everything I did before. The positive impact was so great that it changed the direction of my life completely.

I have had the fortune of talking with hundreds of new amputees over the past several years. My primary goal is to provide comfort and support by letting them know they are not alone and that feelings of fear, discouragement, and inadequacy are natural. After the new amputee understands they are not alone, it is my intention to provide information on the practical aspects of being an amputee that I have learned, such as to perform daily activities like driving and cooking, how my prosthesis works, how to get involved in sports or recreational activities, how to deal with strains in personal relationships, and how to help family members and friends cope.

The most comprehensive source of information for new, and veteran, amputees is the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA). For all new amputees and their families, I highly suggest contacting the ACA to request a Because We Care Patient Packet , which contains priceless resources, such as: the latest edition of ACA's First Step: A Guide for Adapting to Limb Loss , a copy of the bimonthly inMotion magazine, an ACA Pricing & Video Resources catalog, and other information about the ACA and its programs. You can also inquire about being contacted by a Certified Peer Visitor and search for Amputee Support Groups in your area.

Motivational Speaker/Spokesperson

Clint possesses a uniquely charming persona that allows him to not only connect to other amputees, but everyone he encounters. Clint believes that every person experiences "disabling" events in their lives - whether it is suffering from addiction problems, going through a difficult divorce, etc. Clint feels fortunate that he has a physical and noticeable disability.  It affords him the opportunity to personally connect to everyone he meets.  Audiences are so receptive to his positive message because each person feels he can empathize with whatever difficulties they may be going through.

As a Motivational Speaker and Spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Clint makes regular appearances across the country at school/university assemblies, corporate engagements, race, sports clinics, and fundraising events. Clint has also had the honor of meeting with dozens of American soldiers and veterans who have suffered permanent physical injuries as a result of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

U.S. Soldiers at Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, TX
U.S. Soldiers at Brooke Army Medical Center,
San Antonio, TX

Rehabilitation Counseling

What is Rehabilitation Counseling?

Rehabilitation education at San Diego State University (SDSU) is nationally recognized as one of the eight best programs in America. Rehabilitation empowers people to make informed choices, build viable careers, and live more independently in the community. The primary focus of career preparation in rehabilitation is developing counseling skills, acquiring knowledge of disabilities and demonstrating respect and sensitivity for people with disabilities. Knowledge and practice of these principles, combined with a solid foundation of specialized education in the rehabilitation field, enable dedicated rehabilitation professionals to collaborate with individuals with disabilities to obtain gainful employment, pursue meaningful careers, and live independently.  Clint received his Masters degree from this prestigious program in 2005.

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Clint’s most recent opportunity to lead the way has brought him to Hollywood.  After appearing on JAG, Clint was offered the opportunity to work on FX’s television series, Over There.  In addition to serving as the show’s Amputee Consultant, Clint acted as the body double for his cousin, Actor/Singer Josh Henderson, whose character was an Army soldier who lost his leg in Iraq.  This unique relationship generated a great deal of media coverage, including features in People Magazine, USA Today, and Access Hollywood.  This deluge of global media attention has provided a platform to educate the public on behalf of amputees and all people with disabilities.

Working in the entertainment industry has allowed Clint to establish relationships with such legendary directors as Penny Marshall and 10-time Emmy Award-winner Steven Bochco (NYPD Blues, L.A. Law) and his wife, Dayna.  His relationship with the Bochco’s led them to host a fundraiser that generated over $20,000 for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Over There, FX, 2005
Over There, FX, 2005
Hospital, Warner Bros., Release Date: 2007
Sublime, Warner Bros., 2007

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Since having his leg amputated, Clint has been more physically active than ever before.  Although he can be spotted wake boarding, golfing, snow skiing, bungee jumping, and skydiving, basketball remains his all-time favorite sport.

Inspired by the incredible athletes supported by the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Clint also swims, bikes, and runs – which are the three disciplines that make up the sport of Triathlon.  He has raced in numerous 5k runs, 50+ mile bike races, and triathlons. 

Additionally, Clint has raced in the Ossur National Leg Amputee Championship ½ Marathon.  Held annually along the beautiful Silver Strand in San Diego, CA, the Ossur National Leg Amputee Championship is the only race in the country offering prize money for amputee racers.


Mission Bay Triathlon, San Diego
"Cycle Section"

Mission Bay Triathlon, San DIego
"Running Section"

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