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April 28th 2006: Write up in Baylor Magazine

Oct 5, 2005: Increased Donor Files Help ASPCA Build on Hurricane Relief Efforts
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Oct 5, 2005: Tributes Lets Nonprofits Put a Face On Their Mission to Drive New Sorces of Online Fundraising

Oct 3, 2005: Inc. and Target Software, Inc. Partner to Enable Integrated Fundraising for Nonprofits

Although the harrowing car accident that resulted in the amputation of Clint's leg below the knee proved to be the toughest physical and mental challenge of his life, it is also proving to be his greatest destiny. He may have lost his leg, but his distinctively charming spirit remained unharmed, allowing him to become a role model, motivational speaker, counselor, triathlete, actor, and husband.

It was only after Clint lost everything, that he realized he was free to do anything.

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1Footloose.com candidly exposes the personal intricacies into Clint's tragic accident, the exhausting physical and psychological rehabilitation process, offers hope to new amputees and their families, and motivates everyone to be free to do anything .

This site is dedicated in loving memory to Ashley Lea Fuhrmann
May 10th, 1980 – March 11, 2000