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Name: J. Clint Mabry
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Current Residence: San Diego & Los Angeles, California
Disability: Below Knee (BK) Amputee

Degrees and certifications:

Clint was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. In 1996, he graduated high school where he was a varsity basketball player. Upon graduation, Clint attended Baylor University in pursuit to become a sports broadcaster. However, he found great success in a sales internship so he quickly switched his major to sales in order to prepare for his budding career port graduation.

His plans were changed drastically when the unexpected happened. While traveling in a friends SUV, the right rear tire blew out causing the SUV to roll twelve times. Clint's legs had been crushed from the impact. Those few seconds are eternally seared into Clint's mind.

"I literally envisioned the remaining scene of my life on a 1920's type movie reel. However, instead of thinking my movie life would end in true love and conquest, the reality was looking more like a conclusion of terror, pain, and resentment."

Nothing could have prepared Clint for the complete physical and psychological breakdown he would experience over the next year after the accident. During this time, Clint spent a total of four weeks in the hospital, undergoing fourteen operations. The most difficult challenges resulted from a massive open wound on the outside of his right foot. Initially, a "muscle flap: procedure was performed to save his limb from being amputated. Yet because of reoccurring infections, Clint was given two choices: another year of surgery and therapy with no guarantee of complete recover or to amputate his right leg below the knee.

After talking with two amputees and realizing that they had overcome similar challenges and went on to live extraordinary lives, Clint made the decision to remove his leg. Two days later Clint was back in the operating room going through with the life changing amputation.

"Nothing can really prepare you for the moment when you first look down and see an empty space where your leg used to be. The thing that helped me the most was being able to talk to an amputee who showed me that life does go on after amputation. I proved it to myself when I walked across the stage to receive my B.A. in Communications six weeks later."

Since the accident, Clint has obtained his Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from San Diego State University in May of 2005 and devoted his life to meeting the needs of those enduring hardships in their lives. He also married his beautiful wife- Sarah, skydived, traveled all around the world, completed multiple triathlons, and has appeared on such shows as E.R.. JAG and Over There . Today, Clint is pursuing acting and commercial work in Los Angeles , CA .

It was only after Clint lost everything, that he realized he was free to do anything!